Asia community X Creoengine AMA


Darrel wijaya: Here’s a list: Evermore Knights (2022) Evermore Knights is a JRPG game featuring unique heroes and weapons as NFTs, players can invest and summon stronger NFT fighters, weapons and equipment to enhance their fighter units. Each fighter has health, mana, strength, intelligence, speed, and luck stats which are determined randomly during the summoning. Weapons also have the same attributes as the fighters, and they range from bows, great-swords, staffs, and shields. Fighter and weapon NFTs can be combined to summon a higher level and stronger items. Players can customize their fighters and weapons, complete missions, battle in PVP, and clear dungeons to earn rewards and in-game currency which then can be used to summon more fighters, weapons and items. check out Evermore Knights website at

Javier Tan: For events and updates: We have just released the Pre-Beta of Evermore Knights, you can now download it at

The pre-Alpha version of Slime Haven is also on its way, and its set to be released later this month. Our marketplace and developer onboarding tools are also on progress. We’re also having an event called : ‘The Metamorphic Studies’ you can join by installing the latest ‘Evermore Knights’ Latest APK from

and start hunting for the ‘Crystalized Butterfly’ inside! Please check this post (javier forwards the announcement

to the group) another event is the Creotizen NFT minting event, please check it out (Javier forwards the announcement

to the group) please check them out! As for the business development side, we have several announcements coming, including the latest update is that we’re going to list on BitMart Exchange, it’s actually the third listing for the $CREO token, after PancakeSwap and MEXC Global. For the rests of the exciting news, please keep yourself updated through our Telegram channel





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