Asia Community X BroedChimp Finance AMA

Date: 29 April 2022

Time: 6 Pm UTC

Host: Asian community

Guest: BoredChimp , Ace T , Frederick


Asian community: BoredChimp is said to be the unique one of a kind ecosystem that combines DeFi, P2E, NFT’s, Auto-Rewards, DaO. Tell us about this and all It’s Unique Features?

BoredChimp: The main goal behind the BoredChimp Ecosystem is the full usage of it’s platform features. The user journey begins with buying the token or an NFT and getting a specific tier on the launchpad platform. After this just by HODLing the user gets 7% reflections in USDT, which he can then use on the launchpad and get new projects. Our whole ecosystem revolves around our unique KYC system, which will be scam-proof and we will always get to the real person behind a project. We are on the BSC because it’s the network with the most rug/scam projects. We aim to change this and introduce a launchpad, governed by a FULL DAO Foundation and top notch security.

The auto reward comes from the 7% USDT reflections, and our p2e campaigns will feature voting for new projects and doing specific tasks which will help the project grows. We aim to build a community that gets on and helps with the hype in launching projects. Our Staking protocols will provide users with incentive to hold for longer periods and get to the top tier in the launchpad and dao sections.

Our deflationary protocols, are encompassed in the following scenario:

Whatever amount of tokens is not sold from the 50% we lock in pinksale for the Launch, we will gradually burn in a schedule to keep the price stable and rising.

Asian community: Please give us a walk through the Bored Chimp ecosystem, we see it has a lot of Features encompassed. Also, provide us with Information about the Bored Chimp Foundation?

Ace T: The BoredChimp Foundation, will be the main driving power behind the whole ecosystem. It will solely be based on our NFT’s which will come in 5 different tiers, with each tier unlocking new and deeper levels in our DISCORD channel for this. The goal of the foundation is to let NFT holders vote and pave the way for the BoredChimp Ecosystem to flourish. They can vote on Scheduled Burns, Launching of New Projects, Proposing new projects to do KYC without costs, Vote for future features and platform development. Lead the community with the team.

One of the main points of the Foundation is that they can help and develop new projects that launch on the launchpad with the teams behind the projects. Our NFT holders will have rights to propose and implement ideas on projects ( if the owners agree) and change the project for the better.

The whole idea of the Foundation is to grow into a community that cares about crypto projects and is interested in this. The main end-goal of this is to make a community that gathers in Real Life and has BoredChimp Parties to discuss the future new projects.

Boredchimps will not be your regular NFT. They will come with features as glasses,piercings,tattoos and in total we have different features for them.

The first party is planned for the end of the summer/start of autumn in Europe with a decision by the foundation.

Asian community: Now please, Tell us, How does the BCF token function within the platform and why is it needed? Kindly provide us with a full rundown of its Tokenomics. We also noticed you have A NFT ecosystem, Tell us about this as well?

BoredChimp: The token has 7% usdt, 3% marketing, 3%auto-liquidity on both buys and sells. The main goal of the token is to provide users with free money(7% usdt reflections), to buy into projects on the launchpad. The whole token mains also to introduce another entrypoint into projects that we launch. As the tier system will be available both through NFT and through a certain amount of BCF Tokens. Since the NFT’s are highly limited, we wanted people to have a way of joining the launchpad and participating in the projects before everyone else. The BCF Token will also serve as a way to increase the liquidity of the project and make it more stable. The funds for marketing will be used and voted on by the DAO system and the BoredChimp Foundation.

Asian community: Talking about security now, tell us something about the Security of Bored Chimp, how secured is it and what Security Measures have you in place?

BoredChimp: We have Pinksale KYC, Audit on our contract by TechRate and full Doxx infront of community. Our security feature which we will implement in our KYC verificator will be sure proof that we will find the right person behind each project. BCF ecosystem is here to stay and grow. We are looking for partnerships in this direction.

Asian community: Where is road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map?

Ace T: We are currently in the begining of Phase2. Phase 1 consisted of growing our community and starting the work on the whole Ecosystem. Not me or Boredchimp or Fredrick is developer, we are business guys. We hired the best to do our codes and websites, as our nfts. Phase2 consists of BCF Token launch, Staking Platform on the way , growing the user base up to 10k+ and ofcourse CG & CMC fast-track, famous influencers marketing . Phase 3 will be our ecosystem launch, with launchpad, NFT’s, DAO Server and launching our first successfull project. We expect to clear all initial phases by end of summer.

Twitter Question

Asian community: from @mahfuzur_sifat NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guies have any plan to include NFT to your project?

Ace T: Yes Ofcourse, our bored chimps will rock the space. They will be limited because we will build the first real DAO on BSC.

Asian community: from @TomJerry0040

Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens?

Ace T: 100 000 000 ( 100million) supply. 50% Pinksale Fairlaunch 20% Staking protocols 10% Team 10% Development 10% PrivateSale.

Our token has 13% tax with 7% ustd rewards, 3% auto liquidity and 3% marketing wallet.

Asian community: From @HRIDOY22222 When will your tokens be listed on the exchange and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?

Ace T: We will start with pinksale fairlaunch, after which we will commence trading on platform. Once our Utilities and DAO is up and running, we will propose a vote to get tax to 0 as it’s easier to list on CEX, and list in big exchanges like gate, bitmart, mexc and in the future the crypto giant, Binance!

BoredChimp: We are currently now in private sale stage, on 5Th of May we start our Pinksale fairlaunch an shortly after we launch first on PCS

Asian community: from @MdApollo20042 Revenue is a very important, aspect for all projects, to survive and maintain, the project/company. What is the way to generate, profit /revenue of your token? And What are the income model? plan in future?

Ace T: Our main revenue model will come from launching projects on our platform. We will use our initial capital to raise a community that will work with us into growing the whole DAO.

Also our token comes with passive usdt rewards, so our investors will also get revenue from all the launches we do!

Asian community: Last Twitter question from @Eid_Mobarok2222 Partnership is always an important factor for every project . So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships??

Frederick: Currently we have some partner we gona be working with in our NFT’S it going to be huge , cos this NFT’S are going to be unique , though these deals are not yet cast in stone

Ace T: Also, we have a partner with which we will work on the launchpad and the KYC system.

Our network is still open to growing.

Frederick: We are going to be partnering with Travladd, pinksale and alot more

As we speak I am talks with some huge Norwegian firms and Investors alike and I won’t let the cat out of the bag until we get a sealed deal


Question 1: Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term? @BoredChimpFinance @acetomov @Tnetworld

Frederick: First we gonna be having a decentralized autonomous organization system this gives the investors some voting right and stake in the project , something that is very rare in the BSC space , on the other hand we having a 7 % reflection in usdt for just holding our token not to mention the unique NFT’S our Investors will get and having to stake them and have key access to juicy IDOs in our launchpad … This is just a tip of the iceberg of what our long-term holder stand to benefit , in addition we have huge giveaways.and promo we are going to be rolling out overtime as we progress … You are in for something never seen in the space before making money at the comfort of your home the bored chimp way …. I guess this answers your question … Feel free to join in our tg to get more insights on more benefits lined up never before seen in the space

Question 2: I am a investor and I only care about prospect of a crypto that I chose, tell me the reason why I should choose your project over the existing one ? What is your coin advantage that can convince me to change from my favorite token/coin ?

BoredChimp: Through our unique KYC system we will be able to eliminate quite big part of scam projects. we wanna restore the investors trust in BSC space, to get it back at once it was. So this aspect will make our project as the leader for BSC security among all other utilities we will have.

Question 3: What is the most prominent advantage of your project ? is it different from other projects on these aspects? What will you do to increase and attract more people to know and invest in your project?

Ace T: Answer and question 3. The most prominent advantage will be our Community which we want to grow. We want this to become the first REAL DAO behind BSC. We will attract more investors through our whole ecosystem, NFT’s and launchpad specifically. Everyone wants to get on new project which have been verified and KYC’d by us with our unique new system which will put in place

Question 4: How does project increase the token’s value, liquidity and utility ? So that it can lead to an increase in token prices ? What is your plan to make your project stable and provide the highest return for investors in the long term ?

Ace T: Answer and Question 4. Our whole Token is based around increasing the liquidity and giving people free USDT while they just sit around bored. We will bring in huge marketing in this space which is unheard of. Stability will come from the incorporated deflationary protocols. Our longterm investors will be able to meet us live, drink and speak about the project’s future.

Question 5: Nowdays So many Rug Pulls and exit scam happening . How Users can trust your project and how you are different from others?

Ace T: Last Question and Answer number 5. Thank you for this amazing question. We are KYC in pinksale, we do Video Amas with our community, we are fully doxxed. We aim to bring back the TRUST of people on BSC projects. We will become the flagman for launching safe and fully doxxed projects on our platform. Our whole idea is to make BSC a safe network, where people can invest without the need to ask such questions!

Asian community: Telegram: @BoredChimp_Finance



Asian community: Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and enlightening us with your great project 😊

BoredChimp: thank you for the invitation in your great community you have here.




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