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7 min readJun 4, 2022


Date: 3 June 2022

Time: 1 pm UTC

Host: Asia community

Guest: Katy Rouge


Asia community: Can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Katy Rouge: I’m all things content and community at

The core team have been working together for a decade now, previously on social media projects, namely and F3 app. We are like a family, meaning we love each other to bits, but also are very very demanding to each other. DONE✅

Asia community: What is StarlyNFT?

Katy Rouge: We call Starly a launchpad and marketplace for creators and collectors to expand economies around gamified NFT collections. Collecting NFTs here turns into an immersive experience with different NFT rarity classes, distribution in sealed packs, limited editions, rewards, collector score and other continuously evolving game-like mechanisms. We just introduced — first time on Flow blockchain — NFT staking. And that’s just the beginning of what we plan to offer our Collectors, Creators and Token holders. DONE✅!

Asia community: Could you please share information about $STARLY?

Katy Rouge: $STARLY is a utility token that serves as a medium to offer creators, collectors and the surrounding communities the ultimate experience on Starly ecosystem. We use it to reward people, and soon plan to switch to token payments all trhough the platform (at the moment you can pay with Flow, fUSD, USDT on BSC). We also offer staking — for now it’s whopping 15%APY, but better hurry — might not be that way for long 🙂 We also will introduce Staking tiers — Silver, Gold, and Platinum in August, coming with great privileges. DONE✅!

Asia community: How is Starly different and better than its competitors?

Katy Rouge: Starly is overall very different — we offer full technical support to visionary and talented creators, they don’t have to pay anything in advance — we take our comission only after the actual sales. What we offer collectors is a unique experience, starting from the very high quality of art collectibles, continuing to unique unpacking, rewards and — NOW — NFT Staking, that gives you passive income just like that (amount of it depends on your own luck only). There are a lot of gamification layers already implemented and more to come. We really plan to provide the ultimate Collect-to-Earn experience. DONE✅!

Asia community: Can you share and comment with us a little about Starly Roadmap?

Katy Rouge: In February we posted a 12 month roadmap — and just last week we also gave a detailed description for summer activities:

The main milestones being — just introduced NFT Staking, game layers like Pack Battle (the one pack with the highest Card score, that depends on rarity and serials of the cards, shuffled randomly in Mystery packs) will bring the collector 10,000 $Starly!!!! We also plan a vast marketing campaign with crypto bloggers, and so much more. Check out the article 🙂 DONE✅!


Asia community: Many creative content creators are hesitant to start selling their work through NFT because of the large commissions costs charged by some systems. What was Starly’s solution to this issue? Do you have any intentions to teach non-crypto individuals about NFT?

Katy Rouge: As mentioned before, creators do not have to pay anything in advance. They also don’t have to have any technical or specific knowledge — we work with the most talented artists with vision and story to tell. We have already been platform for several artists totally new in crypto. DONE✅!

Asia community: STARLY is an utilities token that is used to provide the best user services on the Starly network to producers,collectors,&the local area.What are the benefits of keeping STARLY for an extended period of time? Is a staking service offered? What exactly is the mechanism behind it?

Katy Rouge: Yes, Staking is available here

with mentioned 15% APY (for now, with more and more rewards coming, this is most probably to change). Then — if you stake 1000 tokens, you will get Silver membership, with 10,000 — Gold membership and with 50,000 staked tokens you get Platinum membership. Members will have a lot of different benefits, including voting rights for creative and financial decisions, early access to drops and rebates amonst others. DONE✅!

Asia community: You point out that with STARLY we can “COMPETE WITH COLLECTORS”, but could you really explain to us what this competition will be like? You mean competing to see who has the best price in NFTs? Or is it some kind of game?

Katy Rouge: The first level of this game is the Pack Battle, where the pack opened during primary sales with the highest score will get 10,000 $STARLY. Then we will implement more P2P games, this is just the first. DONE✅!

Asia community: I read that $STARLY is a FLOW-based token bridged to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but if it really is, then why will it only allow NFTs to be traded on the Eth and Solana network? or are they really expanding to those two more networks?

Katy Rouge: Actually Starly is built on Flow, therefore NFTs are minted and kept on Flow — we might launch some collections on other blockchains some day, but for now we are happy with being on Flow — especially as this is one of the most sustainable blockchains out there — as per Deloitte research, minting an NFT on Flow wastes less energy than an Instagram post. In the meantime our token is also Flow native, and it is bridgable to BSC.DONE✅!

Asia community: PARTNERS are the most important that strengthen the ecosystems of all projects. Could you tell us about your project partners and the partnership strategy it has adopted?

Katy Rouge: This question is so on point — good and supportive partners are invaluable and not so easy to find. We have been incredibly lucky to have all the support and guidance from Dapper Labs, who also chose us — just a baby of a project — to partner up for the FlowFest — we hosted the Mystery Pack (NFT from Flow ecosystem partners giveaway during the fest). Another shoutout goes to Blocto — they have been and still are so responsive and involved. We also were their very first token ❤️ DONE✅!


Question 1: I saw that you have NFT staking. Can you talk more about it. What is requirement for staking ? @KatyRouge

Katy Rouge: This is my fav Q, as this is a hot topic at the moment. So, long story short — every NFT collectible on Starly has a Card score — Card score equals to Staking Reward. Meaning, you can stake all your cards, or just few, and then, every day for a year 1/365th of staking rewards drop into your Ready to claim pool. You can claim 1/100 in ther amount starly tokens you have staked, meaning — if you have staked 200 tokens, you can claim up to 2 tokens a day from NFT staking. And so on.

Question 2: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Katy Rouge: We have limited supply — 100,000,000 tokens, they can not be minted additionally. Team has actually the longest cliff from everyone, as well as the longest vesting period. You can read detailed description here:

Question 3: Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

Katy Rouge: Me, as Community person, personally I believe in global reach with local approach — of course, the main language is English, but we have also local Vietnamese, Turkish, Korean groups, as well as on out Discord all people can request new communities, and with some votes we make it happen. You can check out all our communities here:

(please always use official links, as there is a lot of scammers out there 🙂

Question 4: While you build your project do you take into account community feedbacks and demands??While you build your project do you take into account community feedbacks and demands??

Katy Rouge: We do appreciate our community a lot, and also carefully consider their feedback, always. With the implementation of Staking tiers, there will be much more possibilities for them to participate in decision making, using voting rights and such. For now, we use our Discord to discuss things with them and hear opinions — it really matters to us

Question 5: I noticed that the rewards in this AMA would be in NFT, but I ask you, what would be the usefulness of each of these collectibles? Will it allow us to obtain any special benefit in Starly? and also can I trade it in any MarketPlace? or only in the native of Starly?

Katy Rouge: So, as mentioned, each NFT has a score and first of all — you can stake them 🙂 Then — you can sell them on the secondary market, as well as on Rarible and BloctoBay (more implementations coming soon). However- the very main thing about Starly NFTs — they are amazingly beautiful art 🙂

Asia community: Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and enlightening us with Starly 😊