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11 min readJun 30, 2022


Date: 29th June 2022

Time: 12 pm UTC

Host: Asia community

Guest: Alice / Tap Fantasy


Asia community: As a blockchain game that has been online for 3 months, can you briefly introduce Tap Fantasy and its online behavior?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 🎮Tap Fantasy team began developing HTML5 games in 2017. “TapTap Fantasy” — AKA: 紅の騎士團,流火之詩,Eternal Scarlet,Knights of Fantasy, etc. — was officially released in 2019 in Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, and other regions. “TapTap Fantasy” is the most popular adventure and role-playing game on Facebook and received two global features in less than six months.

TapFantasy game IP accumulated more than 20 million users worldwide by the end of September 2021.🤩

🤔Speaking of in-game performance, Tap Fantasy has been in operation for 3 months, and the current in-game economic system is very stable.

The sub-token $MC Token 🪙 that players in Tap Fantasy can continuously obtain in the game, since it was released at the price of 0.5 USDT, the price has been rising, and it was stable at around 1.4 USDT. Even in the current bear market, it remains above 0.7 USDT, ensuring stable income for in-game players.🥳

Tap Fantasy is very popular with players both in the form of the game and the NFT we release. There are currently 150k Tap Fantasy players on BSC!🤩

Asia community: You just mentioned that NFTs from Tap Fantasy are very popular among players, can you elaborate on that?

Alice / Tap Fantasy :

Certainly! Tap Fantasy NFT Skins launched and received twice official features in Binance NFT Marketplace in January 2022.😉

Tap Fantasy has also released a wedding mystery box on Bybit NFT. 1850 boxes sold out in 0.24 seconds.🤩

On the first day that it was sold out, the price of the mystery box in the secondary market doubled by 20 times!💵💵

Asia community: In the introduction just now, it was mentioned that “Tap Fantasy’s IP has 20 million traditional game users”, so how does Tap Fantasy convert these users to play chain games?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : We have released the game version for Fiat currency payment on both Google Play and IOS app store 📱. Players can also log in to Tap Fantasy from the official website by binding their email. 😆This greatly reduces the threshold for traditional players to enter blockchain games, and promotes the conversion of traditional players to blockchain players.

Tap Fantasy’s keyword🔑 searches on Google Play and IOS stores have also reached very high positions many times, which is the word-of-mouth recognition and support of Tap Fantasy by traditional users.

Likewise, traditional users are mostly Pay for Fun, not Play to Earn.💰

This has brought very positive feedback and benefits to P2E players of chain games, and it is also one of the keys to the stability of the economic system since Tap Fantasy was launched for 3 months.🤔

Asia community: As far as I know, Tap Fantasy is going to open the Solana cross-chain function in the S2 season (that is, July 12). Can you talk about what Tap Fantasy has prepared for this?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : In fact, this AMA is also one of the preparations lol. 🤣🤣

Of course, we also prepared Solana exclusive NFTs that are not available on BSC! 😉

😉Not only is Tap Fantasy ready in terms of game content, but the player community has also fully warmed up and promoted the Solana cross-chain. In Season 2, Solana players can team up and fight with BSC players!

Of course, we will continue to expand Solana-related markets, increase its attractiveness and popularity, and attract more chain game users who pay attention to game quality to join Tap Fantasy, and jointly build the world’s largest chain game ACG community.🌐

Asia community: Can you briefly describe how P2E works in Tap Fantasy? Is the payback cycle stable?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : Tap Fantasy certainly has a very stable and balanced economic model system.☺️ If you follow the game’s strategy slowly, the return period is about 30–45 days. Similarly, you can also choose to invite friends to join the game, and you can get a partial return of the sub-token MC 🪙 consumed by your friends, which will also shorten the return period.🎉

📕We have a detailed tutorial on Gitbook to guide players how to enter the game to start P2E:

📔There is also a club master in Tap Fantasy who has published a very detailed guide on the Rift of P2E. It supports 7 languages and is very suitable for new players to refer to:👉


Asia community: Q1. From @Shekhfo50636345 Almost all current game blockchain efforts are focused solely on P2E, with no regard for the game’s visuals. That, I believe, is an important point because it provides the player with experience and is an important factor in attracting players.?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : Tap Fantasy pays great attention to the visual display of art in the game.😉

Since the release of the game on S1, we have also received suggestions from players for image

optimization in the game. In the upcoming S2 season, we have also made new general visual optimizations to the game’s maps😉. This is the effect of our new map.🗺

Tap Fantasy not only pays attention to the beauty of the game screen, we also emphasize that the gameplay is also an important part of the chain game🎮. In the future development, we will continue to optimize the art and the playability of the game to give players a better gaming experience.🥰

Asia community: Q2. From @Arowa32k Earning in the game is important, but with me that having fun while earning is also important. To what extent does your focus on the entertaining aspects of the game? What measures are in place to help make the game suitable for everyone, including non-crypto people?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : Tap Fantasy’s Play to Earn segment is solid. Players can choose their favorite content in the world of Tap Fantasy. If the player just wants to Play to Earn, then the player can choose to spend 15–20 minutes every day to get gold coins and MC, then go offline and exchange for BUSD. If players want to experience other aspects of the world of Tap Fantasy, we will spare no effort to develop gameplay content. 😘We have designed lots of features and functions which allow players to achieve the purpose of self-design. For instance, players can design their NFT avatar and wallpapers in terms of their profile so that they can customize and associate with other players🤩. Moreover, NFT Avatar&Wallpaper will be able to be traded so that players can make income from them. And this is a really good opportunity for players to differentiate themselves from each other with their personalized artworks. 🗾NFT lands is another upcoming feature Also, we will have “NFT land” in the future for purchasing, a “Marriage System” that enhances the engagement of our players, and many other features that people can just check by themself on our official links 👉For more details, you can check our Medium:

Asia community: Q3. From @BalaHatun32k Many gaming platforms require users to spend a significant time playing before they can gain. How simple will it be for individuals who aren’t familiar with NFT-games to play adroverse? Do you have any mechanisms in place and make your game enjoyable, stress-free, & not boring?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 🤔For players unfamiliar with NFTs, it takes less time for them to get started with Tap Fantasy than for them to learn how to use a crypto wallet.👛

Tap Fantasy is adapted from the traditional game TTF chain, so our beginner’s guide and walkthrough are very detailed☺️. And Tap Fantasy has also released versions suitable for traditional gamers in Google Play and IOS Store📱, which are very friendly to non-crypto users/blockchain newbies.

Asia community: Q4. From @Kala_pasa12 I have learned that your project had built a whole ecosystem for blockchain gaming, $NFT Marketplace & a token all at once. Among these three, what are you focusing on developing right now? What’re your priorities for your project development?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 🤔Tap Fantasy believes that as a chain game, the first thing to focus on is the game itself and the game’s economic model💰. As long as you do what you should do, the rest will naturally get better.

🗾Tap Fantasy has never stopped developing games. We think Tap Fantasy, as an open world, needs to have a lot of parts, and we’ve been working hard on that.

Of course, the community and players are also very important to Tap Fantasy. We listened to the opinions of many players and summarized and adjusted the content of the game based on their feedback, so Tap Fantasy has a good reputation in the community.

We believe that doing what we should do so that players can actually Play to Earn in the game and have fun is our no.1 priority.🥇

Asia community: Q5. From @Gazianteplyy We’ve seen some major issues pop up in NFT games lately. The teams, who took precautions by analyzing these problems, revived their games. As a team, do you make new updates to your game by noticing the problems in the industry in a timely manner and listening to the gamers?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 👆First of all, Tap Fantasy has never had a major bug since it opened for 4 months.

The Tap Fantasy team placed great emphasis on the security of code and games during development, because in the blockchain, any mistake may result in the loss of players’ assets. Now we can promise that our code is secure enough.☺️

Of course, small bugs will still exist in the game, such as: server time display problems, translation errors in some languages, etc. We will fix the problem as soon as we find it.🤔

Tap Fantasy’s dev team will also create a bug list, review the problems that have occurred, and add check items and verify them in the subsequent development. We are a rigorous team.

So choose Tap Fantasy with confidence!🎊🎊


Question 1: How much are the NFTs to be released on Solana? Is there any discount for Solana Players?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 🤔Depending on the grade, the price of NFT will vary. Currently the NFTs to be released on Solana are mostly priced between 0.50 $Sol and 50 $Sol. Of course, we will release more exquisite NFTs on Solona chain in the future. ☺️

💰Regarding discounts, we will be cautious about price settings of NFTs since we are new to Solana chain. We will decide based on the sale of NFTs. But in any case, please believe that we sincerely want more Solona chain players to be able to both “Play to Earn” and “Play for fun” in Tap Fantasy.🤣

Question 2: In @tapfantasy2021, there are three tokens #TAP,#MC,& #GOLD. What is the function of each of these three tokens? How will you control the value of the price of the tokens so that there is no inflation? What are the tokens we need the most to participate in the game?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 1️⃣ $TAP is the governance token of Tap Fantasy🏢, and its output in the game is relatively low. Currently $TAP can be used for in-game NFT upgrades. In subsequent game development, it will also be used in more scenarios (such as voting decisions, land upgrades in Tap Fantasy, etc.).

2️⃣ $MC is a sub-token produced by Tap Fantasy. As I already mentioned in the introduction section, the price of $MC is very stable 🪙 , which helps gamers stabilize back into the current cycle.

3️⃣ $Gold is an important currency in the Tap Fantasy game for players to trade with each other/pay fees in the game. The ratio of $Gold to BUSD is stable at 10:1, so players can sell items in the game to exchange $Gold, and exchange $Gold to BUSD on the official website.

🤔For specific token output and use, please refer to👉:

Question 3: 🥇 Can you explain how I can create my avatar in tap fantasy to be able to play? Will this avatar have any cost? What is the special NFT avatar? What kind of attributes can my avatar have?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 🤔At present, we have not set the specific mint rules for avatars, please look forward to our performance in the S2 season.

But from what we know so far, we want the avatar in Tap Fantasy to make everyone different and mint themselves on-chain.🤣

Question 4 : Tokens from all projects have main utility & practical goals! So can you tell us what is the main role of your Token in the ecosystem? What are the real world utilities & use cases?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : $TAP is Tap Fantasy’s governance token. 💵The current role of $TAP is to upgrade Tap Fantasy’s NFT. In the later development, $TAP will also add many new uses, such as upgrading land, as the right to vote, and so on. 🗾Tap Fantasy will develop many places that consume $TAP in the future, but the output of $TAP in the game is relatively limited. Therefore, we believe that in the subsequent development, the price of $TAP will continue to increase.☺️☺️

Question 5 : I have a friend who plays Tap Fantasy, and he said that at present, the main income of selling equipment can no longer make much profit. Is that true or not? Can you explain that?

Alice / Tap Fantasy : 🎊🎊Partially. It’s true that equipment is not so valuable at present because it is at the trough of the economic cycle we designed for Tap Fantasy. In detail, we have created a season system for Tap Fantasy, which will reset many things, including equipment, level of hero and etc. at the beginning of the new season. ☺️

At present, it is almost the end of season, so most players want to sell equipment instead of buying. We all know that when supply overtakes demand, the price will go down🤣. So do profits. That’s also why we launch our game on July 12th. It’s the best timing cuz it is the beginning of our new season. There will be high demand for equipment, which means players can make huge amounts of profit at that time. So guys, please follow us and stay tuned!🤣🤣

Asia community: Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us